Studio 3 (Daylight Studio)

3,50 x 8 meter
28 square meters
windows facing northwest
Limited power supply
Kitchen facilities, espresso machine, soft drinks
Make-up and styling station, steamer on request
3000,- pr. day
500,- hourly rate

Studio measurements: Length: 8m / Width: 3,5m / Height: 4,2m

Overtime: 1000,- pr hour from 17:00-20:00 / 1500,- pr hour from 20:00-07:00

Disclaimer: The studios are not soundproof.
Studio 3 has limited power with normal outlet.
Power can be drawn from studio 1 if needed and available.

If you are planning audio recordings, please get in touch.

See price list for specifications

Avbestilling må skje 72 timer før opptaksdag, gjelder arbeidsdager

48 timer før, blir en fakturert 50% av leien, gjelder arbeidsdager
Hvis vi har fått en annen forespørsel og dere da booker, gjelder ikke avbestilling.  Da blir en fakturert for studioleien 100%

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